The Imaginarium | A place dedicated to the imagination
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We believe that imagination is one of the most important skills of the future.


We are creating a place devoted to imagination, creativity and living our dreams.


We are building an imaginarium.

“Imagination is more important than knowledge.

For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand,

while imagination embraces the entire world,

and all there ever will be to know and understand.”

– Albert Einstein

We will buy a piece of land in Sweden, build a giant landscape artwork that connects us with nature and becomes the foundation that knits a community together.


We would like to grow an exponential community of solutionists, imagineers, creators, philosophers, designers, builders, writers, entrepreneurs who actively choose to step into and exist in the unknown to discover, inspire and instigate new ways to initiate positive change. The place becomes a collection of effervescent dreams lived out in a co-created community on land we own together.


01 Building community
Building Community
02 Artist residency
Artist residency
04 Land Art Installations
Land Art Installations
03 Garden of Ideas
Garden of Ideas
05 Creating events
Create events
Imagination Acadamy
Imagination Acadamy


The Imaginarium will be a giant landscape artwork in the shape of an eye built somewhere in the vast, dark woods of Sweden.


The eye consists of a room and a garden. The pupil is represented by the room, an amphitheater. In the middle of the room is a well of water. The sky is reflected in the surface of the water. It has 12 steps down to the source of the water.


The theatre is surrounded by a garden with trees, bushes and weeds, it is the iris. As the colour of the seasons shift so will the colour of the iris. The circumference of the iris is 365 meters.


Our goal is to create a sacred place for the exploration of the unknown and unite people through imagination, passion and collaboration. It should connect us with both history, the future and knit the foundation for a community. A space to oscillate between the earth, the reality and the imagination. Between now and eternity.


First there was nothing
Tree of Life Pattern
Water Ripple Effect
Sky view Water & Light
As Above So Below

“Water ripple effect capturing the essence of the imagination.”

02 all-seeing eye
All seeing eye
08 Roden Crater
Roden Crater
01 The human eye
The human eye
04 Earth
02 Water
03 Auroville

We often forget that we are nature.

Nature is not something separate from us.

So when we say that we have lost our connection to nature,

we’ve lost our connection to ourselves.

– Andy Goldsworthy



We are the Radicle Collective, a non profit organisation and a multidisciplinary collective enabling ideas to come to life through creating and inspiring radical spaces to imagine.


Over the past two years we have brought international groups together in Denmark, South Africa and Iceland through building large scale artworks.


Julia Andersson



Nix Davies

Instigation Designer


Agust Örn Helgason



We design concepts that we do not have the answers to. Concepts bigger than ourselves; often impossible to what we currently have capacity to deliver. This actively requires us to step into and navigate the unknown. It is in these spaces that we are able to imagine scenarios that are beyond the norm and hope to discover new solutions to old situations.


Our creative and manifesting process transports us from a point of having NOTHING until we arrive at SOMETHING. Each time we live this process we learn a little more; stretch our understanding and grow our belief in what is possible.


The fuel and fire of this process is passion. When we design our lives with our deepest passions our dreams come to life and our creative energy is exponential.

  • 1
    Begin | Start

    Taking that first step. Embark. Leave your current comfort zone.

  • 2
    Chaos | Information

    Entering the unknown. The confusion of multiple perspectives and choices.

  • 3
    Intrigue | Explore

    Following you curiosity. Trusting your instincts.

  • 4
    Investigate | Discover

    Finding treasure; things that excite you. Having faith they will lead you to the right answers.

  • 5
    Research | Collaborate

    Diving deeper to understand more. Developing a lust for learning.

  • 6
    Commit | Action

    The sexiest decision you can make at this point in time.

  • 7
    Labour | Expertise

    Make shit happen - the thinking has been done. This is when the concept comes to life.

  • 8
    Doubt | Vulnerability

    When you feel these you are heading in the right direction and you are open to opportunities.

  • 9
    Release | Expose | Exhibit

    You now have SOMETHING. Its time to show it to the world

  • 10
    Celebrate | Gratitude

    The most important phase. A moment to appreciate. The pause before you start again.